NY-GEO-2016 – Breaking New Ground in Renewable Heating & Cooling

The New York Geothermal Energy Organization (NY-GEO) presents New York’s premier geothermal conference, with prime sponsorship from NYSERDA, WaterFurnace and Bosch.

Learn more about geothermal heat pumps–the energy-efficient, reliable, renewable heating and cooling source available 24/7/365, night and day, rain, shine or snow. Its time has come!

Moving the heat stored in the ground and amplifying it with a geothermal heat pump (GHP) can heat and cool an entire house or building without fossil fuels. At the same time it lowers heating and cooling costs while reducing the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change.

We’re expanding this year and expect many friends from the New England Geothermal Professional Association (NEGPA) and Connecticut Geothermal Association (CTGEO).

Workshops are keyed to Engineers, Architects, Building Owners & Managers, Installers, Designers, Contractors, Consultants and Policy Makers.

Several factors are teed up to make 2016-17 a groundbreaking period for geothermal installations in New York and throughout the Northeast.

Be part of the geothermal surge!

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